I still love Chinese food!

This time of the year always brings back memories of when my family first moved to this country. I grew up in a city not too different from New York City. My father came to DC for business and drove out to the Fairfax area to visit relatives and fell in love with all the greenery especially the blooming Dog Wood trees and Azaleas. Few days later we found ourselves packing up everything, leaving school without finishing the year and moving to the States. It was a huge a huge shock for us to move from the big city to Fairfax Station. My mother literally thought she was moved to the middle of the jungle (woods of Clifton and Fairfax Station) and was not too happy about it ...well until she found Tysons Corner and then things calmed down a bit :). Of course for me even as a teenager, it has always been about the food. What I couldn't get enough of, was Chinese food. We did not have Chinese restaurants in Iran and I don't think I had seen any in Europe back then so I made it a weekly ritual to go to this little restaurant in Fairfax City after school on Fridays. I had no problem sitting by myself (I preferred eating alone, then I wouldn't have to be embarrassed about the amount of food I consumed) enjoying a bowl of Hot and Sour Soup, Vegetable Fried Rice or Lo Mein, and Green Beans Szechuan Style. 39 years later, more grateful everyday that my father moved us to land of freedom and many cultures, I still love Chinese Food...well I love all food! We included some of my favorite Chinese inspired dishes on the menu this week and hope you and your family will enjoy them as much as we enjoy making them for you.

Ezie and Emil

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