What can I eat?

" What can I eat?" and then, "Didn't I just feed you?" is the very reason we came up with this food service. As a working mom, I felt like my only free time was always in the kitchen trying to figure out what I can prepare for my family that is packed with nutrients, tasty so they would actually eat it, and hopefully some left over so they can stop bugging me. Husband and I have 3 kids, each born about a decade apart and each have very different eating habits. Our oldest is a Marshall Arts instructor and a musician so he eats all day and eats a lot. The middle one, Emil, a trained chef. She has strong opinions about how everything has to be prepared, but since she has moved back home to start this business with me, I am still the head chef :). And the youngest, she has the most versatile palette of them all. She will eat, snails, rabbits, quail eggs, will try any fruit and vegetable she ever sees, and is a cheese connoisseur. So you see, pleasing my family at every meal is a huge task but I am sure it not too different than how it is in your home. I try to have rice, potato and pasta at least once a week. We keep white rice in the fridge at all times, it just goes well with everything and if all fails, we fry eggs, and serve it with plain yogurt over rice...try it, it is really good! We always have plain yogurt at hand. I try to have some sort of a grain other than rice once a week. Tofu at least once a week. Legumes for me the vegetarian. lots of Salad and some sort of a soup for Emil, and Fridays are spaghetti night for Husbands sake. I try to squeeze in as much veg and fruit in there as possible. I just buy what looks good and fresh instead of having a particular recipe in mind. We try to eat as much seasonal produce as possible and herbs are big part of our diet. I love using herbs on meat and chicken. To be honest with you, as a vegetarian, it is the only way I can stand the smell of them. Herbs are my meat deodorizer or air freshener. For this weeks menu, I decided to use the same thought process as I do when I feed my family, little bit of everything....wait, I think I kinda do that every week, I hope I do anyway and I hope you are brave enough to try new things. Our rule at the dinner table is, try everything, even if it is a bite. So be brave this week, order something you might not prepare for yourself and give it a try. You never know. Enjoy

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