The Farmers Market

Nothing more exciting than shopping at a local farmers market on a sunny day!.... specially after the monsoon we've had around here. I am particularly excited this season and one reason is that we are now able to bring you better quality meats 🐄🐖🐑 🐓 Yeah, I know...but yes, even a vegetarian can get excited about meat when the animal is raised locally on all natural non gmo diet with no toxins. My friend Roberto's ranch practices humane animal care, and allows them plenty of exercise, movement and sun. The animals are free, eat well and are well cared for till ___, well you know 🔪😢 This weeks meat for the Beef Bolognese will come from this ranch. Some of the other ingredients this week that I can't wait to cook for you are the golden beets, the lettuce, kale, peas, micro greens, carrots..... All grown probably less than 10 miles from most of our clients homes. The Posh Peas are freshly frozen organic peas from this season. We will slow cook them with a bit of garlic and then puree it with some house made Crème fraîche. Also you will find some red Russian kale, celery leaves, bloody dock (rumex sanguineus) in the salads this week. We grow these with love & care and no pesticide in our own tiny garden. If you have time this weekend, visit the local markets near you. You might spend a couple of $$ more there than you would at the grocery store but I promise, it's worth it. Support your local farmers and ranchers, the more you buy from them now, the better quality and price they can bring to you in the future. Enjoy

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