Straight from the farm.

What would life be like if ..... get up in the morning, go out to the garden on the farm and start working on the beauties you have planted. Dogs running around, chickens making a fuss, sun warming your back and breeze keeping you cool. When you think of it like that, to me that is "The Good Life". Husband and I wanted that life. We even found the property that we thought was perfect for it but as it goes sometimes, universe has plans for you and what you dream is not always what you get or should get. We visited a local farm this week and when drove up everything in that perfect image of farm life was there. Melody, the farm owner was on the field picking some beauties, her dogs around her chasing each other. Cool breeze, sun shining and fresh air was what we felt as we got out of the car. We looked at each other and said, "Ah, this is what we wanted". As we walked around in envy and awe after a bit of time passed, the breeze stood still, the sun got too hot, we noticed all the weeds that if not picked soon will take over the veg, the bugs starting to do their job, and Melody was telling us she had a problem with her irrigation system....... Husband and I looked at each other and realized, WE ARE JUST TOO OLD for all that :) So, we got all that we needed for couple of events we are working this weekend, placed our order for the weekly menu for you all, and got in our car and drove to our home. We sat on our deck in shade, looked at our pots full of herbs and flowers with a smile, and decided this is more than enough. Sometimes you just have to let life take you where it wants. See images from our visit on the menu page.

A bit about the Melody's crop that I will be using for you in this weeks menu....Early Jersey Cabbage is one I had never seen. This cabbage is shaped like a football and does not grow very big but sure looks like will give a good crunch to a salad. The Tango Celery is greener than the celery you get form the grocery store and smaller but it sure is packed with flavor. The purplette onions are sweet and sharp, you will see the greens in the hash and the bulb roasted with the beautiful baby carrots in #1 and #2. The Tuscan Kale lot more delicate than ones you find in the store and I will use some of the Tronchudo Kale in the slaw for color.....oh how fun it is to be able to cook with all this and more and not have to worry about back pain, dirt under my nails and bug bites. Don't get me wrong, I still love getting my hands in the dirt but I prefer to do it for fun and not as my job.

Hope you will enjoy all these amazing farm fresh ingredients as we enjoy preparing them for you.

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