Look Good and Eat Well.. Why Not?

Mom is one of the classiest ladies ever. She is one of those women that never leaves the house without makeup and hair done. Her idea of casual cloths would be latest designer slacks and twin set cardigan. Her motto is, when you can look good and eat well why not? Mom is an amazing cook and I swear she has some sort of a magic touch. Anything she ever makes, sweet or savory, is heavenly!!! Mom, unlike myself, follows recipes to a tee and she always cooks classic dishes. It took mom a while to like my food since I usually make up dishes from what is available or in season. Being a vegetarian was not even an option when I lived at home. I had a few classic favorites that we are including in this weeks menu. The Minute Steak Braised With Cream and Mushrooms is one of these classic dishes. A way for mom to hide the meat in tons of sauce so I would eat it. The Roasted chicken was another favorite. She would mash the veg, shredded the chicken then mix it all together and feed it to us as babies(okay till I was in first grade). The Vichyssoise is also one of those classic dishes mom made often but as we do with everything we make, we try to cut down the fat and calorie content as much as possible without cutting out the flavor.

We hope you enjoy this weeks Mom inspired menu.

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