Merry 4th of July

Papa just loved celebrating fourth of July. "Merry 4th of July" is what he used to stay as guests would come over. Already an immigrant to Iran from Soviet Union, he chased freedom all over the world and found it here in America. He was very proud to become an American and celebrated it everyday but specially on the fourth. Freedom is not something we take for granted in our family. Though we lived in Iran during the time before the revolution and supposed freedom; the reality was between monarchy ruling, fanatics roaring, and invaders waiting for the right moment to get their hands on the oil, the freedom we experienced then was superficial. So Papa found what he believed was true freedom here in U.S., and he truly cherished it and looked for an excuse to celebrate it all the time. Of course all celebrations include food.

Papa was not too crazy about the traditional 4th of July BBQ which includes hot-dogs and hamburgers. So shish kebab, rice and roasted eggplant salad was on the menu for us on this special day. On this weeks menu you will find Papa's Eggplant dish and I am looking forward to the aromas which will surely remind me of Papa and all that he gave up to get his family to the land of the free.

Another dish that makes me think of my father(okay there are many, but for some reason this one today) is AbGoosht. Translation of AbGoosht is meat-water...yuk! This dish is traditionally made in a clay vessele and consists of lamb or beef with bone, chick peas, dried limes and turmeric. Once the stew has cooked for several hours, (yuk again, the smell of lamb not too appetizing to me personally), the broth is served with bread separately. Then the meat, veg, and beans are served after getting mashed to a mush....again, not too appetizing for me. Papa started making this dish for my sister and I when we became vegetarian and omitted the meat. We didn't mash the ingredients and just enjoyed it as you would any stoup(stew+soup). It was so good, that him and mom would have it regularly. The dried lime has a distinct pungent taste that can not be substituted. We hope you will be adventurous this week and try some of these Papa inspired dishes and as you enjoy the next weeks holiday festivities, remember how fortunate you are to be living in this country.

Please note that we will be closed for the week of 4th of July but a separate menu is put together for you for that week and the delivery will take place on Friday July 1st.

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