Summer is really here...

Okay Summer is really here now.... Though Mexican is not one my favorite cuisines, for some reason when it is this hot, I have the urge to make Mexican food. I guess it is all the tomatoes, corn, cilantro, limes and green onions that I crave in the heat. Husband is happy with this weeks menu because of the Enchiladas we will be preparing. He loves loves Mexican food, fancy or street food, he just loves it all. Anytime we are on a family road trip, he somehow convinces us to stop at a Mexican restaurant to eat. I am not sure how he guilt's us to agree with him every single time. He is the only one who ends up happy with his meal while the rest of us can not finish ours and too often have tummy aches ....he even manages eating what the rest of us can't finish. You would think after all these years we would learn. I actually learned how to make a great Red Ancho Chili Sauce from him which the enchiladas will be cooked in. We will keep the Mexican limited to #1 and #2 and try to use some of what is seasonal and available locally.

The heat this week, and all the rain last week has made the local crops very happy. The bell peppers and beans are ripe and sweet, cucumbers juicy, fresh garlic just makes everything taste better, and the courgettes are growing faster than I have ever seen them. We are starting to see some corn as well. Oh and lets not forget Watermelon. Nothing is more thirst quenching after being out in the heat than a cold watermelon.

We hope you will enjoy this weeks menu filled with local fresh produce. Happy Friday!


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