Vishenvyy in Russian means cherry...

CM is one of the most talented ladies I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Recently she gave me a Persian cook book. CM is lady of true taste and elegance and in fact this book was given to her by the former Iranian Ambassador to the US. As I am not a pure breed Iranian, it is wonderful to have this book as a reference. I have been wanting to try a recipe from this book for the weekly menu but most Persian dishes are very time consuming. Today happens to be my sisters birthday and she loves this rice dish called Albaloo Polo so no better time than this week to let you all try something from this cook book. Traditionally the dish is made with small meat balls but at weddings and formal celebrations, it's served with braised beef.

When we first moved to the States, one hardly could find cherries or sour cherries in stores so Papa found a local farm that we would go to every summer and pick tons of various types of cherries for various purposes. One favorite use for cherries is Vishnovka. Vishenvyy in Russian means cherry and when you add vodka and sugar to it, you have is little more complicated than that but you get the idea. Then there is pickled cherries with tarragon, and cherry jam. Of course with the best of the bushel mom would make a syrupy compote to make Albaloo Polo (sour cherry rice) for Sister #1's birthday.

Another dish on the menu this week inspired from CM's cook book is Kashke Bademjan. This is also one of my sisters favorites. It is made of Bedemjan (eggplant), caramelized onion, garlic, mint and Kashk (drained and dried yogurt).

We hope you will enjoy this weeks menu filled with seasonal veg such as the the summer squash, sweetheart cabbage, purslane, tomatoes, corn, eggplant, fresh garlic, and cherries.

Noosheh Jan! (Bon Appetit!)

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