When cantaloupe an honeydew melons are in season...

When cantaloupe an honeydew melons are in season, I think of my uncle Taghi. I spent a lot of time at my uncles house because his daughter and I were best friends. Since my uncle lived on the same property as my grand parents (grandmother Emil's) in Tehran Pars, it was easy for our parents to leave us there with built in sitters. Uncle T. loved picking up fresh melon from the market on his way home and as soon as he would get home, he would change out of his suite and make us all a cold melon soup served in tall glasses filled with ice. In Tehran during hot days, there is nothing more refreshing than that! When I decided to include the cold melon soup on the menu this week, I started thinking of all the aromas of the delicious food in that building. At Uncle T. and my Aunt Dagmar's side of the property, I was always exposed to new dishes. Aunt D. is German and cooked classic European dishes. On the other side with my Grandmother Emil, Georgia (the county) born and raised in Azerbaijan, the aromas were filled with fresh herbs, basmati rice, saffron, caramelized onions, and cooked cream. The creamed glazed chicken was always a go-to-meal to satisfy all the kids in the family but what she was famous for was her rice. Her herbed rice with fish was just to die for! I remember as a child I was hesitant to try the herbed rice and fish so one day Uncle T. made a plate for me and laid some $ next to it. He told me if I ate it all, I would get to keep the $. Ever since then, I am in love with herbed rice. Years later when I became and adult and had my own home, the first time Uncle T. and Aunt D. came over for dinner, I made this rice dish for them. I got the best compliments from him, the one that stuck with me was, "Now this is how it's made, fluffy and full of fresh herbs!". I miss him dearly and as I writing this menu sipping on my glass of cold melon soup, I think of him and all the wonderful memories with my dear uncle, aunt and cousin. I almost can smell the same aromas of those days in Tehran Pars.

We hope you will enjoy this weeks menu and be adventures as I was (no cash involved:) ), you might fall in love with rice.

Stay cool ....

Ezie and Emil

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