It has always been, All About the Food!

As I am ordering school books and uniform for my youngest who is getting ready to start high school this fall, I remember my days at school when I was her age. Like my daughter I was fortunate enough to attend a fantastic small school with rigorous academic program. At the time of course, I didn't think it was so fantastic. I have to say at times I thought I hated my parents for making me to go to such a difficult school. It felt like all I did was go to school and come home and do homework. We lived far from the school so it was a hour drive in city traffic every morning. The thing that got me up and ready each day was not the teachers, the love of learning, or even my friends. What got me going was the lunches. Yes, the lunches! We had the best cooks making 3 course meals for us 6 days a week. The cooks came from the same part of the world as my parents did and spoke my mother tongue, Azari Turkish, so I always got special favors with extra whatever I wanted. The thing that was great about these cooks was that since we were a Suisse (Swiss) School, they were trained in French and Italian cuisine as well as Persian. Now honestly, wouldn't you be motivated to go school everyday if you knew you would get some sort of delicious French soup, Persian or Italian main course, and French dessert for lunch? One of my favorite dishes was a Split Pea and Dried Lemon Sauce over White Rice which I will include on the menu next week. But for this weeks menu since tomatoes and eggplants are at peak season, we will include couple of the other of favorites; Tomato Soup, and Ragout.

This is kind of embarrassing.... when lunch was over and we sat in our afternoon classes, I would loose focus from my studies and start day dreaming about what was waiting for me after school. Was it going to be a stop at a bakery? Or a stop at the dried fruits and nuts shop (in Iran there are special shops that sell nothing but dried fruits and nuts). Or was it going to be straight home to a big platter of Green Bean Hash (also on the menu this week) waiting for me? So I guess no different than today, my life is all about the food! If you notice bad grammar or mistakes in my spelling, you now know it is all the cooks, the bakers and nut shop owners fault. If everything was not so delicious, maybe I would be able to focus more. Thank goodness I am blessed with a fast metabolism and can indulge in food the same :)

Hope you will enjoy this weeks menu and try some of my childhood favorites.

Happy Friday!

Ezie and Emil

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