In the Spirit of the Olympic Games...

I was watching some morning television show a couple of days ago and the hosts were walking around the Rio Olympic Park interviewing and .... this brought back memories from the one and only time I got a glimps of the games. When the Olympic Games were being held in Munich, my family happen to be traveling there, so for a couple of days, I had the privilege of going to some of the time trials and competitions. Walking around the park, it was pretty amazing to see athletes, their families and visitors from all over the world coming together in one place. Of course I don't remember what country won what sport but I clearly remember all of the food I ate that week. My favorite was Pomme Frites served in paper cones drenched in a mayonnaise-like sauce. I think I had at least three of those every day, one with each meal :) oh and the Kasekuchen (German cheese cakes) were soooo creamy and delicious. Sister 1 and 2 both loved the Schnitzel which was either made with pork or veal topped with fried egg. Brother loved Frankfurters, boiled sausage of pure pork in a casing of sheep's intestine. I guess even then I preferred vegetarianism. Anyway, in the spirit of the Olympic Games, we tried to make our menu this week even more international than usual. For sake of "Eating Well" we changed some of the ingredients for healthier and lower calorie content but we promise to keep the flavors as exciting as the original recipes intend to. And NO, no Pomme Frites for you but I am hoping what you get will be just as satisfying ;)

🏆 Go Team USA!

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