The first time I experienced a Shrimp Boil...

The first time I experienced a Shrimp Boil was when I was in college and a friend invited a group of us to spend the weekend at his family home over Labor Day holiday. This became a tradition for us. So every year before the start of the school year, we would gather at his house in anticipation of what was ahead. I think since we all lived on ramen noodles and mac & cheese while at school, this was a little feast for our soon to be deprived palates. As we got older the rustic shrimp boil became more sophisticated (of course mine really didn't have shrimp in it). We added more vegetables such as artichokes, fennel, and asparagus to the pot. Each year as we prepared the meal, we would gather around the table for hours and talk about our goals, dreams and fears. Today we are scattered all around the world but I am guessing some still make the Shrimp Boil for their families as they are sending off their kids to school or college. So, now that my youngest starts high school this year, I have the same feelings of excitement, hope and bit of anxiety... hence the Shrimp Boil. Okra Soup, Carrot Rice, Cucumber Salad, Pasta with Zucchini, Green Beans and Mushrooms, and Turkish Style Veg are also some dishes I like to make this time of the year. The produce used in these dishes though available all year round, will no longer be in season and locally grown till next summer. We hope you will enjoy this weeks menu and wish all the scholars out there a fantastic year ahead. Ezie and Emil

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