I Cannot Believe its Been a Year......

I can not believe it has been a year since we started our meal service. It has been an amazing year!!!

The concept came to (of course with encouragement and ideas from friends) from my own need to have healthy hot meals that I feel good to serve my family. As much as l love cooking, I hated to come home after work and spend couple of hours in the kitchen to prepare dinner. My best alternative was pizza delivery, Chinese delivery or Wegman's carry out 😵 Then came the idea of Blue Apron and similar services, well the problem was not the fact that I needed the ingredients to prepare dinner, it was time and energy. When passingly I mentioned my thoughts to friends, they kept encouraging and promising me that they would love to buy some prepared food from me. You always hear that one should never start a business with hopes of friends being your patrons but we went with it and I have to say I am the luckiest girl alive. Not only these friends became clients, they did all the advertising for me. They told their friends, neighbors, coworkers and families and here we are today. Going full force, having more clients that we ever imagined we would in one year and hoping to find a commercial store front. We started from buying most of our ingredients from whole foods and now partner with local farms and ranches. Deliveries started to one location and now we have 8 stops. So I have to only think, the future is brighter, and bigger thanks to you all. For this weeks menu, we are going to prepare the dishes our clients have asked us to repeat.

We hope you will enjoy it as much as we enjoy preparing it for you.

Thank you all for your patronage! We hope you will enjoy this weeks menu and wish all of you a fantastic year ahead. Ezie and Emil

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