It's funny when you have adult children...

Its funny how when you have adult children, the roles sometimes reverse. What I mean is, I find myself asking for advice or needing encouragement from my adult kids. Son, age 35 (how is that possible, I am only 34?!?!?! ) is an amazing health and motivation adviser to me. He is a life coach, and a Tai Chi, Kung Fu, Tae Kwon Do, and self defense instructor at a local University, High School and several health clubs. You can see why I would go to him for advice about eating and living clean after a summer of laziness and overindulgence. Son often reminds me to take mindful breaths, eat consciously, and move often. He tells me to use, turmeric, oregano, cayenne, garlic and ginger in my food regularly. Use coconut butter, eat seeds and nuts, and of course use as many varieties of fruits and vegetables as possible in my meals. So, this time of the year is perfect for packing nutrients in our diet since there are some summer veg still growing, and some young winter veg are now available at the market.

For this weeks menu, we are including many vegetables, herbs and spices in our recipes and some of Sons favorite dishes, in particular the "Cumin Rice with Turmeric Chicken". Basmati rice is not only a good source of energy, but each 200 grams has 4 grams of protein, it is low fat, contains no cholesterol, and is low in gluten. Cumin increases cognitive performance, helps remove toxins (in case you enjoyed too much wine this summer), helps relieve anxiety, prevents colon cancer, fights viral infections....and my favorite...helps prevent premature ageing.

We hope you will enjoy this weeks menu, as much we enjoy making them for you!

Happy Friday,

Ezie and Emil

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