YES! I Love Olive Oil......

If you ask people who know me what is the one thing I can not live without (other than hubbie and kids), they would know to say Olive Oil. Yes, Olive Oil! I love love love olive oil on everything. On my salad, veggies, and cooking with but I also love olive oil on popcorn, in yogurt, on cheese, in all my dips, on hard boiled eggs..... I even love baking desert with it. When I was several pounds lighter, my friends used to call me Olive, and that was not because I was skinny and Popeye was courting me, it was because I drenched my food with olive oil, always have. It was so bad at some point that I think I embarrassed my friends when we went out to eat. I always asked for olive oil on the side and pretty much emptied the fancy vessel they would bring to table by end of dinner. When they all had desert, I would have cheese and olive oil with cheese or bread. I think it got so annoying for them that at a dinner party once, a 7 course meal set up gorgeously with Russian Service (service in the Russian style is a manner of dining that involves courses being brought to the table sequentially) the first thing that was brought to the table was just for me, and it was a gallon can of Olive Oil. They all got a kick out of it but after the initial blushing, not only I used the oil on my food (haha), I also took the can home at the end of the night. It was for me right?! Anyway, the reason I am inspired this week to have Olive Oil highlight the menu is that I just read an article about its effect on aging and fighting disease. Studies show that using olive oil regularly in your diet may help you fight Cancer, type 2 diabetes, help prevent stroke, keep heart young, fight osteoporosis, reduce risk of Alzheimer's and so on..... If you have been using our service for a while, then you are all set :) about %90 of the oil used in our food is olive oil and the other %10 would be canola or coconut oils. We do not use butter, margarine, corn oil,..... on occasion if we do use butter, it will be listed on the menu. We always use various brands and types of olive oil but this week we will try to highlight our favorites with each dish. Olives and olive oil are like wine, as long as it has no other ingredients than cold pressed olives, what makes it good is what you prefer. Bitter, pungent, mild, creamy, light, dark, peppery, aromatic..... a good oil is the one your palette prefers. Some of our favorites are Kalamata, Tuscan, Spanish and Tunisian. Oh, and I do like Popeye!!! .....hence the Spinach Pesto.

Hope you will enjoy this weeks menu as much we look forward to preparing it for you! We hope you will enjoy this weeks menu and wish all of you a fantastic year ahead. Ezie and Emil

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