Barberries are little tart red jewels......

We had the pleasure of hosting an event for daughter #2's school this past weekend and the organizers of this event had asked us to prepare some sort of a Persian Rice. I was a bit worried that with all the high protein/low carb diet fads, the guests might not be too excited about a rice main dish, so I made sure we had plenty of veg and cheeses at hand. Turns out, the rice with lentils was a hit! So much that some of our clients who happened to be at this event asked if we could include it on the weekly menu soon. We are unable to get the organic bulk lentils this week so I thought we'll try daughter #2's favorite Persian rice dish, Rice with Barberries, instead.

Barberries are these little tart red jewels that when tossed in caramelized sweet onions take on a special sweet and tangy taste that compares to nothing else. This is a comfort food for us Azari Persians, and its what your grandmother makes when you are celebrating an event like a birthday or a graduation. Since barberries and saffron are brought to me from Iran, making this dish each time is a celebration of its own.We are also very excited about all of our vegetables and greens this week. Most if not all of the are local, and pesticide free/organic. It is rare time of the year that one can find everything from beets and winter squash, and peas to tomatoes, arugula and kale, grown locally. We hope you will enjoy this weeks menu and know that we make every dish with loving that what we offer is good-for-you! Ezie and Emil

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