Spaghettata Floreale......

Sister #2 just came back from a trip to Italy and brought some wonderful herb mixes that I can not wait to use in the meals we prepare for you. This week I will be using the "Spaghettata Floreale" herb mix. I believe Spaghettata means a feast of spaghetti made for a large group of people. The Floreale is a mixture of dried herbs and flower pedals that when cooked with olive oil and tossed in spaghetti, you honestly can not stop eating it. You don't need anything else except cheese to go with this but I do love zucchini that is lightly fried in olive oil with it, so I thought you might enjoy it as well. Sis#2 and I always have good laughs over the memories of our childhood travels to Italy. One being the memory of the infamous rude waiter at the hotel we frequented. Dinners at this hotels restaurant always started with a soupy bowl of spaghetti which was absolutely delicious and probably why I love spaghetti so much. The funny thing was our waiter who served us year after year had a tendency to throw things down on the table. No joke! He literally threw the forks and knives at us instead of placing them in front of us. So you honestly had to be on guard to catch whatever it was he was bringing to you to prevent injury. When the spaghetti was served, one had to make sure to place their napkin strategically to catch all the splatter from the sauce. How he managed to keep his job for all those years, I am surprised. Pollo al rosmariono was another dish that we loved to order at this place which is also included on this weeks menu. The positions my siblings and I took when this dish was served to us, I will leave to your imagination.

Some of the other items on this weeks menu that are inspired by my families trips to Italy are, the Spicy Tomato and Olive Sauce, The Escarole Salad and the Lentils with Barley.

We did include Borscht on this weeks menu since the weather is getting chilly and also my friend Roberto has set aside some beautiful grass fed top round roasts from his ranch for you.

Also per request of some our customers we are adding house made humus to the specialty item section of the order page. The humus will be made from organic dried beans soaked overnight in sea salt and organinc tahini plus whatever the flavor of that week will be. For this week, we'll keep it simple with lemon.

Hope you will enjoy this weeks menu as much we will preparing them for you.

For information or to place your order please visit or email us.

Ezie and Emil

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