The Power of Pale Produce......

This weeks menu is mostly inspired by an article I read about the power of pale produce. Vibrant colors in fruits and vegetable always appeal to me, okay to be honest, green and purple veg just make me drool. You always hear/read that we should include a rainbow of colors in our diet but now I am more aware of the benefits of the underappreciated category, the white fruits and veg. So even though it's way passed Labor Day, this weeks menu will be filled with white ingredients that are in season. To give you some facts: antioxidants in pear, prevent rapid carb digestion that could spike blood sugar levels. Cauliflower and cabbage kill cancer stem cells. Potatoes contain more potassium (needed for bone strength) than broccoli, spinach or even bananas. Turnips not only are part of the cancer fighting cruciferous veg but they also are high in nitrate which may help decrease blood pressure. Onions, rich in the antioxidants, may help ease hay fever, food allergies and eczema. Garlic might just be the natural remedy to the new antibiotic-resistant strains of germs. I guess from here on when we want to make sure you get all kinds of good-for-you stuff, like turmeric, cayenne, dandelion, ....squeezed in your meals without you knowing, we will have to include some of these white wonders as well.

We hope you enjoy this weeks menu as much as we enjoy making them for you!

For information or to place your order please visit or email us.

Ezie and Emil

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