First Frost......

Brrrr!! With the frost this past Wednesday,our favorite farmer (Melody) will have last of her crop this week :(

The menu this week is mostly inspired by what she will pick for you this weekend. I wanted to make something that would showcase tomatoes, broccoli, pea shoots, cauliflower, winter squash and pumpkins, fennel, green onions, kale, sweet potatoes and cabbage. Few of you have been asking me to make Chelo Kebab which is a traditional Persian beef kebab and rice dish always accompanied by grilled tomatoes.

What we will prepare this week is a pan grilled , non skewered version of this dish. I personally like to smash the roasted tomatoes on my rice, sprinkle some sumac on it. Husband prefers to add more salt on the tomatoes, slice and eat small amounts with each bite and loves to add raw egg yolk to his rice. Then there is what Babushka taught us. She would marinate the raw onions with sumac and serve it on the side. So we will include that for you to try but you are your own with the raw egg yolk.

The Tzatziki that is offered as a the specialty item, is also a good side to the this dish and we'll be using last of Melody's herbs to prepare it.

With the chill in the air, I always crave creamy or stewy meals so I thought you might enjoy the green split pea dahl which is made into a creamy texture with coconut milk.

Hope you will enjoy this weeks menu as much as we enjoy preparing it for you.

Happy Halloween,

Ezie and Emil

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