I just love getting herbs & spices as gifts!!!

I just love getting herbs and spices as gifts!!! A friend gifted me a beautiful tin box of herbes de Provence recently and every time I open the box, the gorgeous scent takes me to France. Not the France with the haute couture boutiques and fancy cafe's but the country side France with Lavender and Rosemary bushes up to my waist. Though I don't eat chicken anymore, I still remember the taste of chicken my father got us on one of our family trips when mom and Sisters were busy shopping and Papa and I were busy exploring food. I honestly ate an entire loaf of bread for lunch that day dipping it in the juices of the chicken and vegetable.

What was a surprise to me then was the taste of lavender. Us Persians are used to eating flowers, in particular roses but this was different. Mild and bright is the only way I know how describe it. We thought we should include potatoes with the veg for you but trust me, you want to get yourself a loaf of good country bread and just tear pieces off, dip in the juices, and enjoy it.with your meal. If you enjoy wine with your meals, try it with a cote de Provence rose.

Since we will be traveling to France with the Chicken Provencal, we thought you might enjoy dishes from other Mediterranean countries as well.

We hope you will enjoy this weeks meals as much as we enjoy preparing them for you.... see you in France!

Enjoy this weeks creations,

Ezie and Emil

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