This Time of Year 🎅 ...

This time of the year🎅 between shopping🛍, visits with friends and family, decorating the house🎄, and attending school activities and shows it is almost impossible to prepare dinners for the family. I try to to have some of my families favorites prepared all at once so that every day I don't have to worry about what or where to eat dinner. I love having Persian lentil rice in the fridge for me since I am a vegetarian. The lentils have both iron and protein so I am covered that way. The first night I serve it with the beef for my family and then few nights later, I fry eggs an place it on top of each persons pile of rice and lentils with a yogurt sauce on the side. Then it feels like they are having a totally new dish.The mac and cheese is another one I like to keep in the fridge. Mac and cheese is great for lunches or quick heating up in the microwave before running out the door. Adding truffle and white mushrooms to the dish takes it up a notch😉 The first time I serve it, it's on its own with a good salad but the leftovers are great with a bolognese sauce and garlic bread. Barley soup is another good one to keep in the fridge for next couple of weeks. Once the soup gets cold it solidifies and since we don't use beef or chicken broth, it keeps for a good while. The good thing about it solidifying is that each person can add water or broth when heating it up to the consistency they prefer. I like mine think so I hardly add any liquid but daughter loves is runny and thin so she puts as much soup as water in the bowl before nuking it. If you have grilled meats at hand, then you can serve the thickened soup in place of mashed potatoes and place your left over meats on top, sprinkle a little herb or spinach and olive oil on it and Vouala! a whole new dish is created. So this week as I would be doing for my family, we are preparing these dishes and a few sides for you to keep in the fridge for your busy holiday weeks ahead and hope that you and yours will enjoy them as much as we enjoy preparing them for you.

Ezie and Emil

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