Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

We hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and is having a fantastic year already.

I have to say we are itching to get cooking again. Though we took time off from preparing weekly meals, we were busy connecting with more vendors and farmers so we can use the best possible products we can as locally as possible. We are also very excited to tell you that from here on all our seafood would be shipped directly from the source in Alaska. In fact we planned on having Salmon on the menu this week but due to the winter storm forecast, fedex advised us to delay the order for next week....so more on the Alaskan seafood next week.

For this weeks menu as always we tried to keep the calorie count low and fiber and protein content high using as much seasonal and local veg as possible. Now, I think I am a pretty decent Gardner but to be able to have produce during most winter months in Virginia is just another level of gardening that amazes me. In my little garden, I do still to have turnip greens, some kale, arugula and radicchio but honestly it was all by luck and not knowledge, skill or hard work. I guess the fact that we have not had as much cold and snowy weather as we have had in the past is another reason and I can gloat :)

Now Melody, the amazing girl that runs Powers Farm still is able to provide carrots, herbs, sunchokes, cabbages, winter squash ..... and few of the other farms we started working with have spinach, lettuce, arugula, kale, buck choy, potatoes... so we are super excited to use these warming super winter veg for this weeks menu. Melody suggested the Seminole Pumpkin Soup. I wanted to use the turnip greens from the garden and my favorite way to use them is with pasta. Since beets are still fresh and have not yet lived in root cellars, we had to have them in a salad we copied from a restaurant in the area that used the sunchokes differently than I have ever had so I hope you will give them a try. Anyway, you get the idea... so pretty much every dish on the menu includes the veg that is grown sustainably without use of any chemical fertilizers or pesticides and the practice of companion planting and help of insects like bees.

We hope you enjoy this weeks menu and we love the fact that we might be contributing to your healthier eating habits.

Ezie and Emil

For information or to place your order please visit http://www.ezieandemil.com or email us.

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