Really Fresh & Wild!

Alaska Tim is my new favorite supplier. His facility is a block away from the Kenai River and his products are all local, wild and processed same day as the seafood is caught. He uses no nitrates, no preservatives,... and all the seafood he offers is always wild, always 100% natural with no gimmicks. So this week I am super excited to prepare you what I think is the most luxurious fish, Sockeye Salmon shipped us overnight from Alaska.

Alaska Tim says that I am going to see a huge difference between the Salmon that I get from local stores or vendors, "kinda like an athlete vs. a couch potato". The athlete is lean due to moving around in clean fresh environment eating what it's suppose to in nature, and the couch potato is confined to a small area munching on god knows what kind of junk food processed in god knows where.

We had to use beets again just because everyone seems to love them and this week instead of steaming them we are going to roast them. They are seasonal and good for you!!! My favorite on the menu is going to be the Lentil Soup. The cooks at the prep school I attended in Iran used to make it for us often during winter months, it just gives me a comfort warm feeling when I have it.

We hope you enjoy this weeks menu and we love the fact that we might be contributing to your healthier eating habits.

Ezie and Emil

For information or to place your order please visit or email us.

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