"A Whole lot of Deliciousness!"

"Whole lot of Deliciousness", "this is the best soup ever", "you make the pasta ever" is what I have been hearing from husband for the past 20 years :) My darling husband loves to go to the farms and markets with me when I do my weekly produce hunting. As he helps us unload and stock the fridges, we hear him say, "that's a whole lot of deliciousness to be made right there".

It is of course very encouraging, and ego boosting to hear that regularly! Spinach, mushrooms, zucchini, fruit in salads, broccoli, peas & onion, tomato sauce, carrots, beets, pasta, pasta and pasta are his favorites. So we thought this week we should prepare some of his favorites and count how many times he is going to say, that's a whole lot of deliciousness to be made right there.

The Chicken Parmesan is my version of making this greasy and fattening dish, lighter and less salty. No frying and breading is involved by roasting the herb and citrus, then adding the house made tomato sauce on top and finishing with a thin layer of Parmesan. Farfalle with spinach pesto is again a good way of reducing the fat and calorie count by using mostly spinach and basil for the pesto and the roasted zucchini kicks it up a notch.

Husband loves any soup I make, he thinks if I opened a soup shop next the Soup Nazi (the one from Seinfeld) I would put him out of business...that's a nice complement for a cook! Cheese and broccoli soup is one of his favorites that I didn't use to make often due to sodium and calorie count but I have learned to make a lighter cheesy base with the house made veg broth that reduces the calorie and salt content without compromising texture and flavor. Anyway, I know husband will be in heaven this week with all his favorites on the menu.

We hope you will enjoy them just as much!


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