"I am as confused as my garden!"

"I am as confused as my garden! Is it Spring or Winter? Can you believe this weather, 70 degrees in February?!!? Daffodils are popping up and my tiny vegetable garden is a bit confused with arugula and broccoli still growing but cilantro seedlings showing up as well. This weather makes me want to cook with spring veg but of course it is too early and brassica's and root vegetables are really what is available at the market. So my inspiration this week is the combo of spring and winter dishes.

In the winter we tend to want to eat more braised, dark colored meals and in spring, green veg and lighter dishes. The Persian cabbage rice is good combination of the two. In this dish, braised beef is layered in rice flavored with fresh herbs and cabbage prepared with fresh lemon juice and Persian saffron. Black Bean Soup makes me think of warm weather but would be also perfect if we get a cold front in next week.

Olives, beans, peas, fennel and leeks are some of those in between season items that depending on how they are prepared, can warm you up in the winter or compliment the warm and fresh spring air. Oh and lets not forget Brussels Sprouts, everyone loves Brussels sprouts and before the season ends we just have to use them one more time :)

We hope you will enjoy this weeks menu as much as we enjoy preparing them for you!


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