Monday is the first day of Spring...

Monday is the first day of Spring but there is still snow on the grass and the heater is running full blast. In fact, Monday is beginning of the New Year(Nowruz) for Persians and I really was hoping to prepare some traditional Azari/Persian New Year dishes for you this week but the snow and the cold weather delayed the start of spring growing season. So we put some of your favorites and some of ours on the menu.

The Potatoes Da Delfina is probably the best recipe for potatoes. The potatoes are steamed and then we smash them between palms of our hands(we wear gloves!) and then sear them in olive oil. When cooled down, they get tossed in a herb and garlic mixture....just delicious!!!

Fasolia- Mamma used to have this Turkish dish in the fridge all the time. When would get home from school, I loved to make a toast and then just pile the cold beans on my toast, drizzle some plain yogurt on it and yummmm!!!

Some of you have asked me to offer the Barley Soup and made a comment that it was liked that ours is a white and lighter soup than the common beef broth and brown soup. We make ours with house made veg broth, organic barley, carrots and bit of herbs and add milk for those who don't mind dairy.

We get asked to offer artichokes more often so as I was experimenting with some new recipes, I liked this one the best so far. I liked this one because it comes with a light brothy sauce so I can be used as side veg or over pasta or rice.

Zucchini sauce is another one that is just great to have in the fridge, it goes great with pasta. It's good sauce to pour over steak or roasted chicken. You can also add chicken or veg broth to it and serve it as a soup as you can do with most of our cream sauces.

Well, we hope you will enjoy this weeks menu as much as we enjoy preparing them for you.

Happy Nowruz!!!

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