My Childhood Lunchroom...

In an exchange of texts with my Aunt P., she had told me that the school (Iran Suisse) I attended in Iran still stands and she passes by there often. I can not even imagine what the school playground looks like now. I am guessing nothing like it did before the revolution when girls were free to run in mini skirts and play soccer with the boys. I loved my school and I think I mentioned before that one of the best things about it was the lunches :)

We were served a 3 course meal every day. The entire school sat together, and ate together.

Ragout was one the regulars on the menu at the Iran Suisse School. It was served with egg noodles or sometimes over boiled potatoes. I have experimented with many recipes to try and duplicate what I remembered and I think I have it figured out now. The key was the chunkier veg and adding a little milk to the sauce.

Other than myself, I think all the kids I knew hated salads but the cooks had figured it all out. They just chopped everything they thought we should eat together with apples and carrots (all kids like apples and carrots, right?), and tossed it with a simple vinegar dressing. We had no idea what we were eating but it was crunchy and tasty.

Leek soup was another yummy offering at lunches at my school. It was made with rice instead of potatoes a little different than the classic vichyssoise. It's a perfect soup for this time of the year when it's 25 degrees one day and 70 the next. Gratin was something my mom never made but we loved it when we had it at school. Traditional Gratin is very high in fat and calorie. We try to make it lighter by adding zucchini to not only cut down on the carb but also the moisture of the courgettes allows us to use less cheese and cream.

We hope you enjoy this weeks menu and travel to my childhood lunch room with me.

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