It Makes Us So Happy :)

It makes us so happy when we hear how our customers enjoy our meals but it is especially wonderful when parents tell me how the kids love the food or request for a dish to be repeated. Since this weeks delivery falls on Emil's birthday and she is my kid, I thought it would be nice to have some of her favorites on the menu and some of the requests from your kids.

Ratatouille made Disney style is special in our family because of the movie. Not only the fact that the movie is about a chef and love of cooking but one of the characters is called Emil. We will be preparing the dish ratatouille by putting layers of zucchini, squash, eggplant, tomatoes, onions, red and yellow peppers in layers and dress it with herb and garlic mixture and bake it vs. the traditional way in which all ingredients are cooked in a casserole dish and produce a mushier and saucier dish. Just as good either way!

Emils favorite Salad on the menu is what her and I used to eat together when she was little. After dinner and homework we would choose a show she loved to watch and instead of dessert or popcorn, we would have a big bowl of salad in front of us and snack on the salad. I figured it would teach her good eating habits and she would stay away from sweets and junk food. And no exaggeration, if she is craving a late night snack, she won't go to the pantry looking for chips or cookies, she will make her self a bowl of salad :)

Handsome boy JC was looking for Barberries in the couscous last week :( so this week for J we will be preparing the Persian rice with the sweet and tart barberries. These red jewels give and amazing flavor to rice and actually are high in Iron.

IBW, another sweet boy, asked his mom to order the roasted red pepper pasta when we have it back on the menu. So for I, this week we will prepare the spaghetti that is completely covered with a sauce that makes the it look like the pasta is red.

The Persian yogurt dip, another one of Emils favorits, is very similar to the Greek Tzatziki. We use Persian cucumbers, fresh dill and rose pedals and its the mild perfume of the rose pedals that makes the Persian dip different than the Greek one.

We hope you will enjoy this weeks menu inspired by some of your kids and mine.

Happy Birthday Chef Emil, Enjoy!

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