Easter on an Island...

Chef Patrick -Nandana Resort, Grand Bahama Isle

A Couple of years ago my family and I were fortunate to spend Easter weekend with our dear dear friends on an island somewhere warm and sunny with an amazing chef spoiling us with every meal.

Chef Patrick, honestly is probably the only person other than my parents that I know who can prepare meals for me morning and night, for days, and I would just go yummmm every single time! I thought I would make Chef Patrick's Bahamian Style Rice n' Peas for this weeks menu since Easter is coming up.

Actually since Easter holidays are next week and we will be closed on Monday 17th, and Tuesday 18th, we are including some items on the menu that will keep well to be used during the holiday festivities or just simply hold you over till our next delivery date, Tuesday April 25th.

You will find sides that can accompany pretty much any main dish and couple of soups that could feed a crowd, if that is what you are doing. The Bolognese keeps well and freezes well. It can be just heated up and served over pasta or you can use it to make lasagna. Just use no-boil lasagna sheets, spread the sauce and cheese and bake according to the pasta package directions.

If you are interested in the sides that come with the main dishes, please let us know, we can prepare them for you with out the chicken or pork.

Looking forward to be preparing this weeks menu your for you, we hope you will enjoy it as much we enjoy preparing them for you!


For more information, please visit http://www.ezieandemil.com or email us.

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