I Didn't Think It Would Ever Happen...

I didn't think it would ever happen....I never have a problem with deciding what to make, in fact the problem I usually have is wanting to make too many things. For some reason last night when I was trying to decide on this weeks menu according to what is available at the local farms and ranches, I hit a block. I just couldn't decide, couldn't put is all together. Then my SUPER friends came to rescue. As I was contemplating, I get a text from one that is just bored and wanted to chat and so rudely I said, "what?" I am working... I don't know what to put on menu today. She quickly forgave my rudeness and started listing her favorites that I've had on the menu before. Few minutes later, another one of my SUPER friends chimes in while she is in the waiting room of ER. What better to do when you are waiting for hours, and all you've had for dinner is peanut M&M's right? With several texts going back and forth, and an hour of contemplating on spicy or sweet, cold or hot soup, chicken or salmon, this weeks menu was mainly put together by my super friends which includes some of their favorites and favorites of few other girl friends. We tried to have items such as asada marinate, wheatberries, sprouts, fennel, pea shoots, celeriac, plantains,.... for those with adventurous palate. But we also included some classics such as mac and cheese and bolognese for those who don't like trying new things.

Well we hope you will enjoy this weeks menu inspired my girlfriends favorites and I certainly hope they will enjoy it as well!

For more information and to place your order please visit ezieandemil.com or email us.

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