Happy Mothers Day!

Since Sunday is Mothers Day, I thought for this weeks menu I would prepare you all my mothers favorite dishes. Though as much as any daughter; and not unlike mine, my mom can get on my nerves sometimes criticizing me or correcting me, but every moment I have with her is a blessing and I am grateful to have such an amazing woman as my mom. Her name Azadeh comes from the Persian word for Freedom. Mama was born during the time period when Reza Shah (Iran's king at the time) and Ata Turk (Turkish leader) were attempting to unveil the woman of Iran and Turkey. So my grandfather named her for Azadeh to remind her and all her other 7 daughters of the importance of freedom. I think the reason she married my dad was because my dad did not believe in the Islamic laws and was a true believer of equality.

Mama was educated in a French Catholic School and till today her French and Catholic discipline and guilting you to do the right thing is still in tact....well sometimes a kitchen towel can do the trick :) We were at Mama's house one time and one of my kids while watching TV put their feet on the coffee table and within a minute, there was mom coming from the kitchen with a towel in hand ready to wack their feet off the table. Mama never eats in front of the television, always is dressed impeccably in high fashion with full makeup. She exercises regularly and pretty much cures every ailment with her diet. Her grand or great-grand kids have given her many nick names, and Mrs. Garlic, Mrs. Ginger, Mrs. Cayanne, Madame Feregamo, .... I can keep talking about my mom... but on to the menu.

So, for this weeks menu you will notice garlic, cayenne, ginger in most of the dishes. One of Mama's go to dishes is the lentil rice. She loves eating it with fried eggs and yogurt. Mama also uses rosemary in most of her cooking, she attributes her memory to it and I can tell you that when I can't remember a recipe, I call her. It is faster than looking it up in my files. Cauliflower, pinto beans, radicchio, endive, broccoli, various greens, and tons of herbs can always be found in her fridge. She believes in eating foods of many colors to get full spectrum of benefits.

We hope you will enjoy this weeks menu of Mama's favorites and we wish all the mothers out there a fabulous Mothers Day!

For information or to place and order, please visit our website https://www.ezieandemil.com/ or email us.

For more information and to place your order please visit ezieandemil.com or email us.

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