A Menu More American than ever...

Please note that we will be closed the week after Memorial Day. There will be no deliveries on Tuesday May 30th.

Since Memorial Day is around the corner we thought we should try to make a menu that is more American than ever. When I started thinking about that, everything I was coming up with was either fried or had mayo, bacon or ham in it. Well, I can't feed you all that stuff, but I think you will find my version of some of your favorite classics pretty tasty and might even decide you like them better than what you are used to. We also tried to offer some items that you might want to serve over the holiday weekend or freeze to use when we are closed that week.

Not Fried Chicken- When I say Not Fried, we do cook them with oil but we use olive oil and canola at a high heat and sear the chicken instead of deep frying it. The fried chicken is made with chicken breast pieces that is marinated in a fat free buttermilk, then lightly breaded with our house made breadcrumbs. The mashed potatoes will have no milk, cream or butter in it. We will be using vegetable broth and olive oil to make it creamy and flavorful.

Summer Casserole- My favorite ranch that provides the grass fed beef for us has some very nice looking (yes vegetarians can appreciate clean and nice looking chunks of meat) lean beef that I think would be perfect for a light casserole. This version has brown rice on the bottom to catch all the juices from the meat and fresh vegetable. The zucchinis are thinly sliced and baked at the end so that they keep their freshness.

Baked Beans- I love beans and over the summer any BBQ party or cookout you go to, baked beans are served but unfortunately I never can have any because they are cooked with some sort of animal product (bacon, ham, lard....) and usually come from a can. Our beans are organic dried beans soaked overnight in water and sea salt. We will cook them with various tangy and sweet ingredients to give it that BBQie flavor and the smoked Paprika will give it the smoky flavor you might get from ham or bacon. Yummmm, I can't wait!

So you get the idea. Potato salad, coleslaw and the pasta salad have no mayo. Chowder is thickened with creamed vegetable instead of cream. Artichoke dip is made with mostly veg, no chicken broth and skim mozzarella so it really is low fat and actually good for you. The classic hummus is also made with the dry beans we soak and is mostly beans rather than anything else...very good for you :)

Well we hope you will enjoy this weeks menu of my version favorite American summer dishes. I know I can't wait to put some aside for my family and myself to enjoy over the holiday break.

For more information or to place your order please visit https://www.ezieandemil.com or email us back.

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