Road Trip!

A Couple of days ago, I was on a short road trip with my girlfriends. I was in the back seat soaking the sun coming in through the window and looking forward to the wonderful day we were going to have. The conversations during the drive somehow kept ending up to be about food and honestly it was not my doing. One friend loves what I would call an "American Classic Cuisine". Only way she eats veg is if they are hidden in the food. Like a kid, she digs through her food and pushes the mushrooms or anything colorful she sees out of the way before she digs in. Hush puppies, fried chicken, mashed potatoes, anything battered and fried, she will love. Now the other friend is totally opposite, she loves sweets but she is all about eating veg. When I ask her what do you want to see on the menu, her answer is more veg,more veg!

Going back to the car ride... as I was in the back seat listening to my friends conversation about food, I was reminded of the many car rides with my parents and siblings many years ago. There was six of us all together and for three months of the summer, we would fly from Tehran to a major European city and for the rest of the summer we traveled from one country to another mostly via automobile. This made for an interesting summers full of adventures of all kind. Of course the difference in taste for food was always an issue. Sister #1 wanted to eat only at the fanciest restaurants and cafe's but Papa and I were happy with cheese and bread from a local market, some fruit cut up next to it and it was pure pleasure. Sis#2 wanted to try local cuisine and brother just wanted pomme frite(french fries). Mama just got along with what ever. So often would happen is that Papa would indulge Sis#1 with her choices when we were in the big cities such Istanbul, Paris, London or Munich and then after that it was all for us. He would stop at the first farm stand that he would see, and fill up the cooler. Come lunch time, Papa would pull into a park or a rest stop with picnic tables and usually with great views of farmland or small village. The meal would consist of a salad of everything he got that one could eat raw, a good hardy fresh baked bread, local cheeses(usually very stinky), seasonal fruit and ta-da! Oh, and for him and Mama, a glass of that Chianti that comes wrapped in wicker. Even Sis#1 enjoyed those meals.

So with the summer season starting, this weeks inspiration comes from memories of those long trips. We hope you will enjoy this weeks meals with influences from Turkey, Italy, France and Germany....oh and the salad from Papa's tailgate lunches.

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For more information and to place your order please visit or email us.

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