A great time of the year to entertain!

Crazy busy week with weddings, graduations, luncheons.... great time of the year to entertain! We did have a chance to go the farmers market on Thursday and saw all kinds of beauties that I ordered for this weeks menu. The yellow wax beans and the baby summer squash are amazing when the weather is like this...lots of rain and then cool sunshine. It is also a great time of the year for all kind of radishes and turnips and carrots. Anyway, this weeks menu is inspired by all the goodies I saw at the market and can't wait to pick them up on Sunday and prepare for you. Even the meat loaf will have some veg hidden in it :)

For information or to place and order, please visit our website https://www.ezieandemil.com/ or email us.

For more information and to place your order please visit ezieandemil.com or email us.

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