Oh my!!! So many Gorgeous & Colorful Veg at the Farmers Market... Happy Fathers Day!

If you have not visited your local farmers market recently, I would suggest you do this weekend. Oh my!!! there are so many gorgeous and colorful veg at the market that I don't know which too choose to put on the menu? Too many options....

Since Fathers Day is coming up, I thought we would have some of Husbands favorites on this weeks menu. Pork tenders are his favorite meat and he loves squash and potatoes. We would roast the veg with some rosemary from our garden and toss them with olive oil and I know he will be a happy man. The summer squash soup is pretty much made with all kinds of summer squash available out there cooked with shallots, coriander leaves and house veg broth and pureed till creamy. It really doesn't need cream, but he loves it that way so we'll offer it both ways. Husband also loves mushrooms, any kind of mushroom. Like one does with kids I try to sneak in as much veg as possible in his favorites, and so we'll prepare the mushrooms with bok choy and touch of garlic for good health.

Oh, lets not forget about pasta. I can feed the man pasta for breakfast, lunch and dinner everyday and he will be happy. Seriously, he loves pasta so much that we have to have Spaghetti every Friday if we are home, and for 3 of us I make 3 packs of Spaghetti so there is enough left for him to have for a few days. The roasted red pepper and tomato is a sauce I learned from husband. First time he cooked for me a million years ago :) he made a chunky tomato and roasted red pepper sauce on tortellini. I am not a big fan of roasted red pepper but I do like the taste of this sauce very much so what I do is I puree it and that way I don't get the big chunks of red pepper in my mouth. That is also how we'll prepare it for you, creamy and garlicy. It goes well over any type of pasta but it is also a good sauce that keeps in the fridge for couple of weeks and can be used on grilled protein, veg, or as a spread on sandwiches.

Our kids love Chinese food but husband always frowns when we say, "lets order Chinese" but if I make it and put some sort of a nut on it, then he will love it. Hence the Kung Pao chicken with peanuts and again sneaking in the green beans ;)

Well, I won't have all this made till Tuesday which is a bit too late for Fathers Day but it is the idea that counts, right?

Hope all fathers out there will have a fabulous day and hope that you will enjoy this weeks menu as much as we enjoy preparing them for you!

For information or to place and order, please visit our website https://www.ezieandemil.com/ or email us.

For more information and to place your order please visit ezieandemil.com or email us.

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