Spending time in Low Country...

Emil and I, with the rest of the family have been spending time down in "Low Country" for the past few days. I understand the geographic region of Low-country but I'm not sure I still fully understand the cultural aspect of it. As I tell Husband, I think I need to have several more trips here before I get a better feel of what that really means ;) Anyway, no different than all our trips, everything is always about the food. We are trying all kinds of low country traditional foods but most include ham, sausage, bacon, or are deep frying. Potatoes are amazing anyway they have been prepared, but almost always drenched with melted butter. And even light and white fresh fish is deep fried. All of course delicious according to my family but also hazardous to their health in my opinion. As for me, there are tons of amazing concoctions made with local ingredients that I have been enjoying. So, I think I should use the traditional low country flavors, and the trendy lighter foods that we have been trying down here as my inspiration for this weeks menu. I am really excited to use some of the goodies I have been gathering for you such as smoked honey, smoked olive oil, crushed toasted okra, spices and dried herbs..... yeah, smoked everything seems to be very popular here.

Also this morning I had a note from my favorite farmer that her tomatoes are doing real well with this weather and she has Moskowitz, heirloom cherry, purple Cherokee and few other varieties. She also has some gorgeous carrots, fragrant cucumbers, basil, garlic, chives, green onions, new potatoes, ..... so what perfect time for me to use Virginia local ingredients in Low Country inspired meals. Oh, the Grits are amazing here but we'll hold that off for next weeks menu.

Hope you are enjoying your summer so far and we are excited to have you try what we have learned on this trip.

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