The benefits of a Mediterranean diet...

While in the kitchen couple of days ago testing some recipe's and listening to some morning show, I was excited to hear the guest health expert talk about how during hot months we need to eat carbs and lower the intake of protein. So I started looking into it a bit more and of course like anything else, there are a million studies to agree and disagree with any dietary related suggestions. One thing I noticed that all agreed on, was the benefits of Mediterranean diet. So then I started looking up what is being promoted as a Mediterranean diet. Again, a million versions popped up.

I didn't grow up right on the Mediterranean Sea. My parents were immigrants to Iran so we were only a hop and a skip away. We are considered Turks in Iran, Iranians in Turkey, but we really are Azari. Our diet and meals have been influenced by Turkish, Spanish, Italian and French cuisine. The main idea is, lots of veg and fruits, variety of whole grains and legumes, and main source of fat to be Olive Oil (my favorite thing in the whole world!). Even for breakfast, what we mainly eat is Oil Cured or Greek Olives, Feta or some sort of a fresh cheese, bread, and olive oil. Try it!

Some of the dishes on this weeks menu are influenced by the Mediterranean diet. As always, we try to use ingredients that are locally grown, seasonal, and organic as much as possible.

We hope you will enjoy this weeks menu as much as we will preparing them for you.

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