Nothing like walking the Farmers Market first thing in the morning......

As you probably know by now, I try to get most if not all of my produce and meats from the local farms. I often visit farmers markets before it's time to place my order so I can see what the best of seasons picks are.

Nothing like walking through a market early in the morning when the weather is still cool and the freshly harvested produce has not yet been picked through by other customers.

This week in particular I spent a little longer than usual walking through the stands, chatting with my vendors, and finding out what would be good to offer to you on the menu. Maybe I was too hungry to be browsing for ideas, but everything looked so so good!!! Though my fridge was full of dinner ingrediants, I couldn't resist taking some veg home anyway.

They just looked so yummy as they were that I just threw them whole in the oven to roast, sliced some cheeses, and made a big salad. We all loved it! That nights dinner made me think that for this weeks menu we should try to reduce the amount of time we put our knives through the veg so you can see the gorgeousness of these local summer beauties.

We hope you enjoy this weeks menu as much as we enjoy preparing them for you!

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For more information or to place your order email us or visit or email us directly.


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