It's All About the Food...

It is a good thing that my family and friends enjoy food almost as much as I do! When I am together with my friend M; I have to say the beginning and the end of every conversation, no matter how long, ends up being about food. We visited M this past week at the beach and as usual, food and what we were going to eat was the topic of morning conversations as we sipped on our coffee and looked out to the ocean. A fun thing M did for dinner one night was a seafood boil. Couple of big pots filled with shell fish, potatoes, and corn steamed with spices and beer till the house got filled with the aroma of ocean and summer.

Everyone just loved it! So I thought for this weeks menu, a Shrimp Boil would be fun and hopefully you all will enjoy it. We will fully cook everything for you so all you would have to do is reheat. I would suggest boiling water (you can even add beer to it if you want) with the seasoning that will include, and then just dumping the container in the boil and strain immediately so you don't over cook anything. Of course microwaving will work as well but the boiling pot and the steam is part of the experience. Other dishes on the menu are basically food I ate or got my family to try so I can see what/how its made and compare to how I make them.

I think mine was better every time 😉Vichyssoise was something daughter #2 had in a French restaraunt, theirs was with chicken broth....mine is better with veg broth! Indian rice is again what daughter #2 loves to have when we are shopping at whole foods....yeah, mine is much better! Ceci alla Sicilliano, is not always called that but what a perfect lunch packed with protein and fiber, on a hot summer day. Watermelon salad is the most refreshing thing one could have during the summer. My family and I are addicted to it!

Anyway, like I mentioned this weeks menu is inspired by fresh summery meals we were lucky enough to experience these past couple of weeks, plus all the deliciousness that is available at the local farms.

We hope you will enjoy this weeks meals as much we enjoy preparing them for you...and eating them ;)


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