Back to School, It's Still... All About the Food!

Back to School- So I had pretty much decided what I was going to put on this weeks menu and was just waiting to hear back from couple of the local farms. Then last night was back-to-school night at my daughters school. Walking on campus and meeting the teachers and hearing about all the wonderful things daughter #2 is going to learn reminded me of my own school in Iran. I loved my school just as my daughter loves hers. The 2 are very similar in size, with rigorous academic program, lots of homework, and in culture but not when it comes to view and food.

Her School setting is beautiful and is surrounded with nothing but hills, mountains and green pastures. My school was in the center of the capital city surrounded by high-rises and very tall walls around the perimeter of the yard so not much to enjoy there. Oh but one thing we had we had that I don't think too many schools can offer, was trained chefs preparing gourmet lunches for us everyday. 3-5 courses, yeah, yum!!! So last night when I got home hungry, all I could think about was the food at my school. OMG the Lentil Soup was to die for and the ragout of beef (yes I was semi carnivorous when I was a kid) just melted in your mouth. On the days that we had mushroom sauce or soup, all morning we could smell the truffle in the classrooms, seriously, how did they expect us to focus?!!? Oh and then when I got to high school, though we had to go to school for an extra half-day, they fooled us to like being there by serving us kebab and rice:) Hmmmm... I guess even then it was all about the food for me! I can not tell you much about my classes or teachers but I can tell you every single item we ever had for our lunches.

This morning after I heard back from Powers Farm and Happy Family Ranch, I thought I would use what they have to offer fresh this week in preparing some of the dishes from my school lunches.

We hope you will enjoy this weeks meals as much as enjoy preparing and eating them ;)

We hope you will enjoy this weeks meals as much we enjoy preparing them for you...and eating them ;)


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