I Cant Believe it... 2 Years!

I can't believe how quickly the 2 years have gone by. 2 years ago this week my friends GA and DP knew that I wanted to get in the food service business but was contemplating the logistics of it, and wasn't sure how to get started. They kept telling me to just do it! "Just decide what you want to make and share it with a few of us, and I am sure we will love it!" is what G kept telling to me.

With G's encouragement, more like a push, I finally just did it. Had a hand full of friends on the email list, and send out a very casual email with a few items for them to choose from. They all ordered and with their comments and advice we figured out the details and here we are 2 years later. Those hand full of friends are still our regulars, G is the biggest fan of Tofu and veg now and our mailing list has grown to 3 distribution lists.

So this weeks menu is inspired by comments from G and my lovely friends. Chunky bolognese is no different that the classic one we offer once a month except the veg in this version are cut in larger chunks. Tacos, or I should say Mexican dishes, are my girl friends favorite and knowing they all have their own recipes, I thought I would come up with something a little different. BBQ sauce is always popular so why not BBQ Taco!?!? We make the sauce in house so refined sugars, no additives and preservatives or gluten.

Anyway, thanks to my amazing friend, all of you, and especially G, 2 years of cooking meals that I love has been nothing but an absolute pleasure and super fun!!! We hope you will enjoy this weeks menu as much as we enjoy preparing it for you.


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