So... Here's how it works :)

I realized last week that somewhere along the way, about a year ago, I stopped emailing how our service works. As we have grown, we've added more delivery and dietary options and so on... so I thought I would do that this week just in case.

So here is how it works...

You might want to read this even if you have been ordering from day 1.

We might be offering something that you have been missing ;)

- We post the menu on the website on Fridays and you will get an email from me with some silly blurb on what inspires me that week.

- We ask that you place your order as soon as possible but have till Sunday 10:00 PM to place your order. Web ordering does shut down on 10:00 am Monday.

- A reminder email will be sent to you on Sunday.

- We prepare the food on Monday and Tuesday and deliver Tuesday afternoon.

- We meet you at the designated locations posted on our website

- Other delivery locations include and are not limited to Reston, Sterling, Alexandria, Vienna and Tysons. For more information, contact me, Ezie

- Home deliveries are an option fora minimal fee depending on the location. If there are multiple families ordering from that location on a regular basis, the fee will be waved or adjusted.

For more information, contact me, Ezie

- Your food will be delivered in a black bag. We ask you kindly to return your bag and the containers the food is delivered in so that we can recycle/resuse

- If you have any dietary limitations, such as vegetarian, vegan, GF, DF, follow a Paleo, 8 constitution or any other diet, please contact me directly and we will work with you on your specific needs. In most cases we are able to adjust the menu for you free of charge. Some cases, a fee of $1-$3 applies per item.

- We try to offer local, organic, grass fed, free range, non GMO as much as possible. All our sauces are gluten free. All soups are made with veg broth unless specified. If we use beef or chicken broth, we make them. All rice is soaked and washed. All grains are soaked and washed.

- We use Eco-friendly cleaning products and supplies.

Okay, I think that covers it all and if not, please contact me with any questions and concerns.

Hope you will enjoy this weeks menu as much we enjoy preparing them for you.


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