I Love it that you will be getting your order this week on Halloween! Of course this menu is inspired by this fun fun day!!!🎃

For the past 30 years or so on Halloween night; my kids have been requesting the same exact menu, pumpkin soup and shepherds pie. Even-though they are too old to go trick-or-treating now, they still look forward to have their soup and shepherds pie.

I learned to make shepherds pie from my lovely Aunt Pari who lived in UK for many years. When I was in College, she moved to Virginia for a short period of time and that Halloween she made shepherds pie for us. She didn't know that I was a vegetarian till then. I didn't eat what she had prepared so she felt really bad. On my next visit, she made the same dish without the meat and added all kinds of veg to it, yummmmmy!!!!

I took the leftovers with me back to Richmond and must have lived on it for the entire week. Since then, shepherd's pie is as important as candy for us on Halloween in my house! If you decide to order Shepard's pie, I am guessing my version will be very different that the traditional recipe, or what you are used to, but it is a great way to squeeze in some veg you and yours diet :)Our Pumpkin Soup has been the most popular soup we offer and interesting enough, kids of friends have been asking for it.

We hope you enjoy this weeks menu as much as we enjoy preparing them for you.


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