Loaves & Fishes...

D. & J. F. are one of the loveliest, most generous, kind, and loving couples I know! This amazing couple recently traveled to Israel. On this trip they met Janet Crisler, Author of the cook book Loaves & Fishes. I was gifted a signed copy of this cook book by these darling friends and have been enjoyed reading it. Yes, reading it! There is a story and a passage associated with recipes in each chapter. "The book is rare combination of history, literature, anecdotes and unusual recipes for Western tables."

This weeks menu is inspired by some of the recipes from Loaves & Fishes. We are not following the exact recipes mostly because many of the ingredients are not in season, and also because I am one of those cooks that never follows the recipe as it is written and always omit or add what I think will go well in the dish and/or is seasonal. So what we are going to do is an attempt to have our style of cooking combined with suggestions and recipes on this book and hope to do it justice.

We are looking forward to cooking this weeks menu for you; and hope that you will be enjoying it as much as we will be preparing it.

From everyone at Ezie and Emil... It's All about food!

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