This weeks menu should be about Valentines Day...but?

I was thinking the focus of this weeks menu should be Valentines Day. Well then the other day I had the TV on in the morning on some morning show, and the topic was the difference between "prepared foods"(ones you get from the grocery store I presume), and "home made". The point they were trying to make was that if you make food at home you can cut the calories in half or even more. Well, I don't know how much of that is true with other prepared foods, but I was a little hurt by their comments :( Not all prepared foods are alike! I know the food we prepare, is no different than "home made", and is always lower in calories than the common recipe. So, the inspiration for this weeks menu is what normally would be a high calorie dish but changed to a Skinny version.

Lobster mac and cheese- We will use low fat and hard aged cheeses to reduce the calorie and keep flavor. No butter, not in the lobster and not in the cheese sauce.

Chicken Parmesan- No breading, no frying. Chicken will be marinated overnight to absorb flavors, then roasted, and topped with aged Parmesan and skim mozzarella. Also no butter!

Steak and Mash- Most restaurants and chefs finish their steak with butter for that added flavor and glaze but we will use marinating for flavoring and the mash is mostly cauliflower, bit of cream and again, no butter.

Mushroom Soup- Usually all cream soups are loaded with fat because of the cream and the fat from the broth. Ours is always made with veg broth, and we only add a bit of cream at the end to flavor. Again no butter!

Caesar Salad or any salad- The dressing is always where most of the calories come from. We use only olive oil, vinegar or citrus juice, sometimes mustard, sometimes agave, and herbs and spices for flavoring. For creamy dressings, 0 fat yogurt or just fruits and herbs. And on the side so you control the portions.

Bolognese- ours is loaded with veg and herbs, we only use grass fed beef so honestly you can eat it just like that as a meal and not even put it on pasta.

Anyway, you get where I am going with this.

We are looking forward to cooking this weeks menu for you; and hope that you will be enjoying it as much as we will be preparing it.

From everyone at Ezie and Emil... It's All about food!

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