Being mindful of wellness and detox foods...

Being mindful of wellness and detox foods, this weeks inspiration is the warm weather we've had this past week. It is still Winter! In fact we have a month left of winter but for some reason asparagus, snow and snap peas, even zucchini are abundant at the market. I am guessing they either come from California or Somewhere South of Virginia but still I don't ever remember seeing such gorgeous spring veg this time of the year so I couldn't pass.

The one wintry dish I did have to include in this weeks menu is the Persian Split Pea Stew. Mama makes this for me every year at the end of February. It is an unusually flavored dish due to the dried limes that come from Iran. The aromatic Saffron and Turmeric are light but somehow balance the tartness of the lime and the tomatoes, and the earthiness of the split peas. The caramelized onions, add a sweetness to the dish but I have no idea why it's topped with potatoes. It's always served that way in Iran, so I will do the same except we will roast the potatoes instead frying them. The best way in my opinion is to enjoy this dish is over rice and occasional bite of Pickled veg.

I can't wait for you all to try this, and I can't wait for Tuesday night so I can have some as well ;) YUMMM!

We are looking forward to cooking this weeks menu for you; and hope that you will be enjoying it as much as we will be preparing it.

From everyone at Ezie and Emil... It's All about food!

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