Tomatoes, Melons, Summer Squashes....

Tomatoes, melons, summer squashes, cucumbers, peppers, green beans, okra, husk cherries, herbs, and more are in peak at local and organic farms. Since it sounds like we have a few hot and muggy days ahead of us, I thought it would be nice to offer some cold dishes that you and your family can enjoy.

Friday night is Spaghetti night at our house, it has been for over 20 years. Honestly, there is nothing better than a bowl of pasta with fresh tomato sauce, tons of basil or rosemary, generous amount of olive oil, and melted mozzarella, for a cozy night at home. During summer months with all the beautiful organic heirloom tomatoes available, we don't cook the tomatoes. What I love to do is muddle the seasons deliciousness in a large bowl, cook the spaghetti a little more "al dente" than usual and toss it in the cold tomato mixture. The heat of the pasta softens the tomatoes a bit but you can still taste the different flavor of each variety in every bite. The yellow a bit milder, the cherries a bit tarter, the purple more meaty, the striped green more fragrant, and so on.....

The Chilled Watermelon Soup will definitely quench your thirst during these hot summer days. It will be packed in 2 separate containers. For example if you order a 32oz size, you will get a 16oz container of "watermelon broth" and a 16oz of the chopped melons and veg. When you are ready to serve, place some of the chopped mixture in your soup bowl, pour the "watermelon broth" over the mixture and enjoy. If you are entertaining and serving this to your guests, a little sprinkle of chopped herbs, micro greens, or marigold pedals as garnish will make a beautiful presentation.

The peppercorn steak, of course can be served heated but I am told it is just as good served at room temp or cold. The Roasted Courgettes will be a great side dish to any meal, hot or cold. I do prefer them in sandwich or drizzled with some plain yogurt and served with rustic bread as a first course.

The creamy curry is a old favorite of mine from a restaurant in Georgetown. When I used to have a shop there, some Fridays and Saturdays I would keep the shop open till 11:00 pm. Sometimes I would have no chance to grab a bite by that time. I would be starving. Before I would head home, I would stop by Miss Saigon on M street and order the Curry Tofu. I just took Emil and daughter #2 to Miss Saigon as I was craving this dish. It was very good but throughout the years the flavor and the presentation has changed. As I am not 100% satisfied, I will attempt to make this curry dish this week the way I remember it :)

I hope you will enjoy this weeks menu as much as I enjoy shopping for the ingredients at the local markets and farms, and then preparing them for you.

From everyone at Ezie and Emil... It's All about food

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