I got a little too excited...

Due to Labor Day holiday, this weeks meals will be delivered on Wednesday. Same times as usual just a day later.

I mentioned last week that after being off for couple of weeks, I got a little too excited and brought boxes of produce that I could not possibly squeeze into one weeks menu. One of the yummies was a box of small red plums. Local and organically grown fruit are just different than what you see in stores!!!

These tiny plums have a thinker skin that is tart but they are super sweet inside. I made a simple sauce with them and while the kitchen was filled with the aroma's, Husband came over to do a taste test and said, "emmmm, this would be great on some pork". So, on this weeks menu you will see pork tenders with the plum sauce and I hope it will please you and Husband alike! Of course him being a true lover of American Cuisine, I can not serve him the pork and sweet sauce on anything else except mashed potatoes ;) I just won't tell him there is no butter and it is reduced in calorie by using veg broth instead of all cream...shhhhh!

The summer veg growing season is near the end so we thought we would squeeze in as many as possible in this weeks menu before we start with the winter squashes and so on.

Anyway, I had tons of fun looking for ingredients for this weeks menu and look forward to preparing them. We hope you will enjoy them as much as we enjoy preparing them for you.

From everyone at Ezie and Emil... It's All about food

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