Coq Au Vin (Rooster in wine)...

Coq Au Vin- I was out in my yard picking figs from my tree, and my next door neighbor came over and started talking to me. I offered her some figs and she said with a forced smile that should have some except she had so much during the war when she was little that she can not ever have figs again. Seeing her reminded me of years ago when we first moved in our neighborhood. This neighbor who is the epitome of a classic French woman invited Husband and I to dinner with another couple from our neighborhood as a welcome.

I failed to tell our wonderful host that I was a vegetarian. Oh my!!! The dinner was fabulous except that I was too embarrassed to say anything about my veg-ism, as she had prepared a 7 course meal. With sneaking some bits and pieces on Husbands plate.

I braved through the seafood courses but then came the pièce de résistance, the Coq Au Vin. Bone in and all, she dished a giant piece of thigh on my plate with all the fixings. There was no escape as her husband sat right next to me and at this point I think he had noticed that I was constantly moving food around my plate and sneaking some on Husbands plate. I think even Husband who is usually a trooper at these kinds of situations and saves me, was tired of me dumping everything on his plate. So I was stuck eating the chicken. After the first bite which tasted like I just ate my pet, I managed to continue taking few more pieces of the chicken and focusing on the flavor of the food vs. the dead chicken. 😱 I still wasn't able to clean my plate so I said, "This is delicious but I am full. May I take the rest home with me?"

After that we had a few more courses and thankfully they were sweets, cheeses and fruits. When we were leaving, Madame handed me a big container of the Coq Au Vin so I could enjoy the next day with my family. Walking home and laughing, we stuck the container in the garage fridge and forgot about it. At the time, both our adult kids lived at home. The kids were watching their little sister the night after and they usually made mac&cheese or made pizza when we were gone. I guess when they were searching for ingredients for whatever dish they were going to make, they discovered the container of Coq Au Vin. I am not kidding there was enough in there to feed 6 adults.

Well, there was nothing but bones and few onions left in the container when we got back. They loved it!!! and husband was disappointed that there was none left for him. Ever since then, I have experimented with various versions of the dish trying to make it healthier and lower in calorie without compromising the flavor. I realize that the bone-in is what gives the dish most of its flavor so to eliminate calories, I just omit butter, bacon/ pancetta, flour, and pan frying the chicken before braising.

So, there is the inspiration for this weeks meal.

Thank you Madam L. for teaching me all about Coq Au Vin :)

We hope you will enjoy them as much as we enjoy preparing them for you.

From everyone at Ezie and Emil... It's All about food

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