The best bolognese I ever had ...

Bolognese- The first and the best pasta bolognese I ever had was at hotel restaurant in Rome when I was about 11 or 12 years old. I guess even back then I was not a big fan of meat and what I liked about the sauce was the tiny bits of veg floating all over the sauce. Most Italian sauces start with a Soffritto (celery, carrots, and onions) similar to the french mirepoix or the holy trinity in cajun cooking. The tiny bits of veg I loved in that first real Bolognese(not the Persian Mama version) was the soffritto.

Ever since I started cooking, I have always chopped tons of veg in my bolognese sauce....well let's face it, I sneak veg in anything I can.... and I thought I was doing something special and different till I saw this TV chef make his bolognese exactly the way I make it. The show was about making a dish that you can stretch to several dinners. So this weeks menu is inspired by the bolognese and some dishes that would go with it other than plain pasta #11.

Emil loves bolognese over mac and cheese, so we are making her mac and cheese for #5. I like veg bolognese with roasted vegetables and rustic bread, so we are going to prepare for you a version of ratatouille #6 that is not as saucy and would go well with the bolognese. The Sweet Potato Hash #7 is another good veg base/side for the bolognese. The Succotash #4 can be transformed to a ragout with just adding the bolognese to it.

Some other options would be to use the sauce to make lasagna, or spread the sauce on a flat bread and sprinkle with a bit of cheese and make pizza with it..... possibilities are endless eh?

Well, I know now what my family is going to eat all of next week, mac and cheese with bolognese on Tuesday, Wednesday ratatouille with bolongese and Friday night is Spaghetti night :)

From everyone at Ezie and Emil... It's All about food

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